Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Teen Book Review: En Passant

Title: En Passant (available online)

Author: Yuzunoki Taro

Rate It: 4

Review It: I found this manga really funny. It was pretty well-written and had a good idea that carried well with the art and writing style. The characters weren't amazingly original, and the "battle/contest for ____" theme wasn't particularly new. Although it only had 20 chapters, I feel that En Passant could have gone on a bit longer than it did. The last few chapters felt rushed, and the ending was a little pshed, too, although it seemed a bit more relaxed than the previous chapters. I, personally, liked the beginning best. It had a very easy-to-grasp concept and was fun to read. I was reading Witch Hunter while I read this series, and I have to say that it was En Passant that I enjoyed more, although I prefer Witch Hunter in the long term. Although the chess theme of this manga was a little overused, I rank En Passant a four out of five.

Reviewed By: Savannah